Thursday, December 4, 2008


Conflicted??? Why?
Well there's a bit of a back story so let me explain........

Back about a week before Labor Day I started having heartburn at night so I started taking Maalox and I was drinking it like it was going out of style. Then the heartburn started happening after lunch as well as dinner so I knew something was up. I went online (which I'm sure most doctors love) and tried to self diagnose. I found out that if you take anti-inflammatory meds for a long time (which I was at the time) it can cause ulcers which have....yep you guessed it, heartburn as a symptom. So off to the doctor I go. She gives me 3 weeks worth of Prevacid and says to come back at the end of those 3 weeks and tell me if that helps. Well it helps, hallelujah, so back I go to say yep that did it. She gives me another 6 weeks worth of the stuff and says that if it comes back after that to come back in.

So 6 weeks later I finish up the supply and guess what, it comes back. So back to the doctor I go. She says well it could be a number of things and has me have some blood drawn so they can check my liver function, pancreas function and to see if I have a bacteria in my stomach that causes ulcers. She also gives me a prescription for a new med, Nexium, for the heartburn. The other stuff did a number on me. You don't want to know those details. ;)

Well the blood work came back fine, great, so now I have to go in for an ultrasound on my abdomen to see if I have gallstones. Ohhh fun! Well tomorrow is the ultrasound and because I have to drop the girls off at school at 9 and dear sweet hubby is working I have to wait until 9:15 for my appointment. Now granted that wouldn't be a bad thing if it weren't for the fact I CAN'T EAT OR DRINK AFTER MIDNIGHT!!!! What you mean I can't have my cup of coffee first thing??? I can't have my bowl of Cream of Wheat??? Not even some water??? Nope!!! No food or drink. UGH!! Maybe I'll accidentally swallow some water while I'm brushing my teeth.....

Okay so here's why I'm conflicted......if they find gallstones that could mean surgery to have my gallbladder removed. I mean the only other treatment for gallstones that I've seen is to let them pass but if I've had this problem since August, wouldn't you think they should have passed already??? So do I want to have it be the gallstones and then have to have surgery right before Christmas??? Or do I want them to find nothing and have to try and figure out what's going in there???

To be honest I have no clue all I know is I'm tired of not feeling 100% and if you were to ask me right now what I want for Christmas I'd say to feel as good as I did when I was 25!!!! LOL

ETA: I had the ultrasound but the lady who did it was unable to give me any information, some quality assurance thing. So it will probably be Monday, possibly Tuesday before my doctor calls me with the results. Most of the time I couldn't see what she was looking at but I did see her checking my kidney and I saw the word "spleen" on the screen once. So we'll see.....


Bee said...

I understand your concern, but...

You need to have the problem taken care of. And now, they can do the surgery laproscopicaly right through your little belly button and you won't have all that down time. Yes, it's still surgery and you'll have to take it easy for a bit, but not like it's a big ol' incision.

If it has to be something, I'm casting my vote for gallstones.

CatieCupCake said...

SEE Julie, I TOLD you the same thing Bee did!!!

Don't fear it, take care of it!!!
And know that I love ya now and always.