Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My hands smell like bleach....

...for a good reason. I just got done mopping my laundry room in preparation for my new front loader washer and dryer!!! WooHoo!!! Now while I am extremely excited about a new washer and dryer it's not as much fun when you HAVE to buy them as it is when you WANT to buy them.

You see our washer and dryer are like 12 years old and weren't the top of the line when we got them. Well all the years of abuse have taken their toll. The dryer is slowly dying, with me having to set it to timed dry on the highest setting to get anything to dry in one timed load. Of course jeans and towels still require two times to get dry.

And the washer had some problems earlier this year that my dear sweet hubby was able to fix but now it's got some other problem going on, don't ask me as I can't remember, that my dear sweet hubby doesn't have the time to fix and he doesn't want to pay the enormous amount that a washer repairman would charge for labor and parts. So we found a great deal on an LG front loader pair at Home Depot. Merry Early Christmas to me!

Now some might wonder about me being excited about a new washer and dryer, but you have to keep in mind that I prefer to do laundry over cooking a meal. So a new washer and dryer is to me like a new cooking gadget is to a foodie!

So once the lovely delivery guys drop them off and they get installed I'll be sure to post a pic so you can bask in the beauty that is my new washer and dryer with me! ;)

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dede said...

yea for you!! I am hoping the washer and/or dryer is the next thing to brake around here - you will have to tell me how you like the front loader!!