Saturday, December 13, 2008

Waking up with a headache can ruin your whole day

and I really hate that!

I mean I made sure I had my cup of coffee, or two, this morning and took some Tylenol with my breakfast but yet this blasted headache has persisted and only faded for short periods of time causing my whole day to have a sort of icky feel to it.

I mean I did get Little Man's room clean and with a little, actually A LOT of persuasion I got the girls to clean their room. And I also finished up some window treatments for Little Man's room, just need to get the curtain rod to hang them now. However it doesn't feel like such a good day since this headache keeps coming and going.

Of course maybe the fact I slept horribly last night has something to do with it. Little Man had a hard time sleeping which meant I had a hard time sleeping.

First he came into our room but then couldn't get comfortable, squirming all over the place and being fussy. So I took him back to bed, where he started to cry and fuss as soon as I left the room. Now mind you he's 3 1/2 but even though most people associate the word fussy with babies, this little boy was as fussy as they come. So then he came back into bed with me but dear sweet hubby was snoring at that point so Little Man was laying there with his fingers in his ears and grumbling about how noisy daddy was. So finally I took him back to bed and stayed with him until he fell back asleep.

This whole saga started around 1 am and ended around 3 am, so there's two hours lost out of my night's sleep. I went to bed around 10:45 and ended up waking up around 7:30 when Little Man once again entered my room. So let's see that's about 2 hours and 15 minutes the first go round and then 4 and a half hours the second go round. Total about 6 hours and 45 minutes but that wasn't continuous so it makes for horrible quality of sleep.

You know I'm thanking my lucky stars that dear sweet hubby has tomorrow off and there's no school because that means no alarm and hopefully a lazy morning, but somehow I doubt that....... ;)

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