Monday, January 5, 2009

21 more hours....

....till I get to ship these natives off to school and let their teachers deal with them!! LOL

Why oh why did they have to have a teacher workday today??? Don't they know us parents are chomping at the bit to send our kids back to school after having them home all day for two weeks??? Geesh!

Granted the past two weeks have been nice, sleeping in and all (well if you can count 7 am as sleeping in! ;) ) but it will be so nice to send them to school and not have to hear them fighting all day long. As sad as it sounds the only time they didn't seem to fight was when the TV was on. And I know it's bad parenting to just switch on the boob tube and let them veg out but dang it if it doesn't help my sanity hang on for another day. Of course with my in-law's visit the fighting didn't seem nearly as bad for the first week but this last week has been nerve wrecking.

Of course I may miss them at some point but we'll have to wait and see if that actually happens. ;)

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dede said...

I didn't miss mine today - I also didn't accomplish a fourth of what I thought I would with them gone?!?