Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Advice PLEASE!!!

I'm looking for advice on keeping my house clean.....because it seems like all I do every day is CLEAN!!! If the kids want to play a game I always end saying "not right now I've got to clean (fill in the blank)" Which really bums not only them but me too! I don't want to clean every day but I do.

Just shy of tossing everything except for clothes, dishes and furniture, how can I get my house to a place where I just have to tidy up??? I realize my house is more of a disaster right now because I was out of commission last week due to my surgery, but dang, how can it get this bad in one week???

I've look at that FlyLady website but just the home page is overwhelming for me, so I don't bother looking any further into it. And of course my time on this blasted computer probably doesn't help any. So I guess it's time to just get off the computer and start REALLY going through the house and only keeping what's necessary.

That will probably mean that I have to stop hanging onto things for sentimental reasons. I mean I have a whole hope chest of stuff in my bedroom of things I haven't touch since I put them in there before I even got married (11 1/2 years ago!).

So in closing, do you have any tips on keeping the clutter and disorder at bay??? Any tricks that you have used that have helped you get out from under a completely messy house??? I can't afford to pay a professional organizer or get a house cleaner, so those ideas are out.....well unless you are a professional organizer or house cleaner and want to help me for free....LOL ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm doing some major re-organization and de-cluttering. I have lots of thoughts, but I'll have to get back with you....lunchtime mayhem at our house right now :)

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about doing some posts on organization on my blog, but for now I thought that I'd give you the link to one of my favorite sites:

She has so many good ideas. Sometimes, just like in decorating, it takes some inspiration and new ideas to get me motivated. Here's an article that she wrote on clutter control: