Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gettin' a little anxious.....

.....and not so much about my surgery next Monday but more so about how things will operate around here with me laid up for a bit. With me being the only one who knows how to work a vacuum cleaner or the dishwasher, it should be interesting. Plus as much as my dear sweet hubby and children love to look at the washer, I highly doubt they will bother to use it.

Now granted I shouldn't be laid up too long I'm only having my gallbladder taken out laproscopically (I know it's spelled wrong), so I should be at least up and about in a couple of days. But it doesn't take long at all for this whole house to turn into a natural (or unnatural depending on how you look at it) disaster area.

So I guess this means in the next three days I'll have to whip this house into shape enough to stand a few days of being ignored.......'cause who really wants to have to tackle laundry and housework right after they've had surgery???? Not me that's for sure! ;)

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Bee said...

Wis I could come help!

It'll be fine. A little mess never hurt anyone and you can just lay there on the couch and tell them how to do things. They'll be so glad you're ok and want to pamper you so much, they'll be tripping over themselves to make you happy. You just tell them that a clean house makes you happy!