Monday, January 19, 2009

Laundry, sweet I missed thee.....


My dear sweet hubby was so good at taking care of the kids and cooking and kind-of-sort-of cleaning up, but the man avoided the laundry like the plague! So now that he's back at work and I'm mobile again it's up to me to get the laundry done and put away. Oh happy happy joy joy!!!

I guess in a way it shouldn't be so bad, as I mean I do have these cool new machines to do it in....

And after about a month of using them I still haven't gotten sick of them yet. I mean who could get sick of using a machine that plays a tune when the load is done??? It's so much nicer than that nasty buzzer the old machines had.

Of course all the help I had in doing the laundry when we first got the cool new machines has waned, but that was to be expected. I knew it wouldn't last but I did enjoy it while it did.

So with all that said I should probably get my tuchas off of this chair and downstairs to the laundry room. Of course I do know one thing that would make my life a lot easier in the laundry department.....and that would be if the laundry room was upstairs instead of down. You can't possibly begin to imagine how much I despise having to lug the laundry up and down the stairs!!! And I'm sure today will be no different, especially considering it was a week ago today I had my gallbladder yanked......ah yes....laundry how I missed thee.....NOT!!!

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justoneoftheboys said...

Ooooh! I am so jealous!!! I want a set that plays me a tune, too!