Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not feeling so much guilty as frustrated....

....for the past few days I've been watching my dear sweet hubby try and take care of the kiddos and the house and while he's doing a great job with the kiddos, it's the house that seems to be suffering a bit.

He's doing his best, probably, but I tend to see areas that would really bug me if I weren't still in some discomfort from my surgery on Monday. However as I type this I can hear him downstairs with the two youngest kiddos cleaning up the family room.

Earlier I really wanted to get up and try picking up some stuff, but I knew it wouldn't be the best thing and that I really should take advantage of him having time off to rest up so I can be at my best when he goes back to work. Maybe he sensed that and decided to finally actually clean up. He's done great at keeping the kitchen cleaned up and keeping us all fed, but it's the other areas that he's been lacking. Like taking out the garbage, picking up the recycling (which he is the worst offender at leaving lying around) and generally just picking up.

Now I'm not saying that I'm the Mary Poppins of homemakers, you know practically perfect in every way, but I do try to make sure that I keep on top of the trash and recycling. I guess it all boils down to liking things done the way we do them. I mean who hasn't had a job where they did certain things their own way and if someone else did something for them they felt the need to go back and redo them, even if they were done properly, it just wasn't done "your" way.

So until my body allows me to operate at normal speed I have to just try to let it all go and be glad that he's home to help at all!!!

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Toni said...

Yes! Yes! What a blessing that he was able to be home to do your job!!!

I know it's painful to watch something be done the 'wrong' way but now that I have FOUR kids, I'm getting better at accepting it because it is at least getting done (sort of)! Am I making any sense??

Be well Friend!!!