Monday, January 26, 2009

This is gonna sound bad, I know.... why do we have to throw our kids birthday parties??? I mean it's so much work, the cleaning the preparations and then the money you have to spend in order to have a "Cool" party!!! Why can't our kids be happy with having treats at school with their classmates???

I know it sounds really bad to be complaining about this but I am so not a good party giver. Okay maybe I'm not that bad, but I don't really enjoy it. I worry and stress out about getting the house clean enough and clean on time. Then I worry that the other kiddos and parents are going to think that our party, or even house, is...well...below par. I've always had a hard time not worrying about what other people think of me, my clothes, house, car, and anything else about me. So to throw a party and not have the money to do one of those play places that can cost hundreds of dollars to rent makes me feel poor.

I know I shouldn't care about what other people think, just as long as my kiddos are happy with their party, but can't help but wonder what they are really thinking. I mean do they see the stress and concern on my face and decide to tell me that everything is great when it's not??? Or do they really mean it?

See I can't even not worry about what my own kiddos will think??? I'm a mess. UGH!!! And of course here I am sitting at my computer complaining about stressing about cleaning my house for a birthday party when the party I'm currently worrying about is this Saturday and I still have so much preparation and cleaning to do for it!!! Oy vey....I guess maybe I should just drag my procrastinating butt off of this computer and get some stuff done before I have to leave the house to go pick up Tink from kindergarten. Then maybe I can stress just a little bit less.....maybe but I doubt it....... ;)


dede said...

my older kids like having sleepovers instead of parties now - they invite a few of their favorite friends, we order a pizza, they play x-box til midnight - EASY! The two younger ones still like the real parties but we usually try to be creative and cheap (like one year I made all of the kids batman capes with the cheap fabric at Walmart - that was their party favor and it was only about $1.50 a kid!!) BUT you still have to clean your house - YUCK!

Anonymous said...

I've never held an official birthday party for my kids and their friends at our house. It stresses me out just to think about it! I feel for you. *hugs* I'm sure that it will be great, no matter what you do! I think that kids just need to feel loved. If you do the party and planning out of love, they will sense it. Try not to stress out too much over it.... love you muchly!