Friday, February 27, 2009

27th day of LOVE

Today's post is a dangerous one! Why you ask? Well let me elaborate....

I LOVE peace and quiet. Now here's where the dangerous part comes in......depending on what time of day it is peace and quiet can be very dangerous in a house with three kiddos.

Now after 8 pm peace and quiet is nice, as all the kiddos are tucked nicely into bed, whether or not they are asleep is a different story but I know where they are and more than likely what they are doing.

But peace and quiet during the middle of the day when all three kiddos are at home, well that can be quite dangerous!!!

Earlier when we got home after picking up Peaches at school, all three kiddos were at each others throats. Needless to say my head promptly exploded and the kiddos took cover upstairs. So I sat down at the computer in the kitchen to check email. A short time had passed when I thought to myself how nice and quiet is was. WAIT!!!! It's quiet and all kiddos are home????? YIKES that could be dangerous. Thankfully for me, they were just playing nicely upstairs afraid that if they didn't they'd lose some vital body part.

So like I said earlier, while I LOVE peace and quiet it can be a dangerous thing around here. But there are days when I'll take the chance of danger just to get a little peace and quiet!!!

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Bee said...

I know I only have 1 child who is away at college. So you'd think peace and quiet were pretty much the norm around here. But I also have a 60 pound dog who likes to play. As long as I hear her chewing her bone or can at least see that she's sleeping somewhere, things are ok. If it gets quiet and I can find Gracie, odds are that she has somehow managed to get yet another roll of toilet paper and has it spread, confetti-style, all over the den!

Yes, peace and quiet can signal danger!