Saturday, February 28, 2009

28 days of nothing but LOVE LOVE LOVE

and here we are on the last day! Hard to believe that minus a day, maybe two, where I did not actually post something I LOVE, I have thought of 20-something things, or people, I LOVE.

I could go on probably, but that might get a tad bit boring to read me ramble on and on about what I LOVE. So for now, I'll stop after this post and you know, go back to all my whining I do on here! LOL ;)

So now for what I LOVE on this 28th day of February....

I LOVE that we moved the kids' computer down into the kitchen. It doesn't take up too much space and since we went with a wireless connection they can access the Internet on that computer too. Oh don't worry I keep a STRICT eye on what they are checking out. Plus the most shocking thing I've found Peaches searching for was pictures of the wreckage of the Titanic! Shocking! I know! ;)

But not only can I keep an eye on their web surfing while I'm making dinner, but I can check email on there while they are watching TV. Which again is oh so nice, because the closer I keep an eye on them, Little Man especially, the less trouble they get into.

The only thing I was bummed about was not being able to print from that computer, but dear sweet hubby assures me that we can still do that, as our printer is wi-fi enabled. Now I don't know how that hooks up or works but that's why I married dear sweet hubby, you give the man a challenge and he usually accomplishes it. It really makes me sick, but then again it's really nice that he can do it, saves me a bunch of trouble. ;)

(I'm liking the winking smileys today, aren't I? ;) )

Anyway, you are probably wondering if I'm typing this on the computer in the kitchen and unfortunately I am not. Peaches and Tink are playing on the PBS Kids website. I just finished making a couple of meatloaves for dinner and decided to post about how I loved how I could make dinner and keep an eye on their computer use at the same time.

So I guess as this month of LOVE comes to a close I just want to remind you all, and myself too, that sometimes it's nice to take a break and look around you and all that you LOVE, be it family, friends, possessions, food, or whatever. It's those objects of our affection that can help make our lives so much sweeter! ;) (had to add one

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Bee said...

I've enjoyed all the love talk. I read it all in one day so I have a nice lovey feeling to carry with me all day today. And can I just say, that I love you, Miss Julie. And I already told you I don't say that unless I mean it!