Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The 4th degree of love

and it's all about how I love the fact that I was missed on Facebook when I was MIA. I guess it all goes back to our desire to feel needed and when we aren't there for something and people miss us it shows (in a way) that we were needed.

You see my whole Facebook snafu happened when I thought I'd be a nice wife and sign my dear sweet hubby up on Facebook so he could get reconnected with some old friends from high school. At first it was okay but then I put the email I signed up with as one of his contact emails and well that just deleted my account. Not sure how but it did.

I contacted the Facebook people 6 times but they never contacted me back. So I decided to just not rejoin. But then.....

My sister told me that some of our mutual friends were asking about where I was. That means they missed me, right? So she suggested I get another account going. I himed and hawed for all of about 2 seconds and signed up using the kiddos email addy. So now I'm back on Facebook and everyone can stop missing me.....WAIT!!!! That's what today's post is all loving being missed! Hmmmm maybe I should not post on Facebook for a few days and make 'em all wonder....LOL! That way they'll miss me again. ;)

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Bee said...

I will miss you if you're not there. I will miss you anywhere. I will miss you, don't you see? I will miss you, Julie G.