Thursday, February 5, 2009

5 times the love....

.....but a very drugged up love. Now before you jump to any conclusions the only drug I'm on right now is for my icky cold. Which brings me to what I love today and that is cold medicine!!! Man I love the stuff!

I haven't had a cold that's fogged up my head like this in a while and dang I don't know what I would do if I didn't have cold medicine to help take that fog away for a while. I mean what did people do before cold medicine became widely available??? Probably suffer to no end.

Okay, okay I know I probably sound like a big ol' wimp now, but when you have a house to take care of as well as three kiddos, you don't need anything slowing you down. Heck even on the cold medicine I don't feel up to my normal speed, so imagine how bad I'd feel if I didn't have my lovely cold medicine.

Which reminds me I need to pick more up....hmmm may have to do that before I pick up Peaches this wait Wal-Mart in the afternoon with two kiddos, um I don't think so, I'll try to scrap by until tomorrow or see if dear sweet hubby can pick some up on his way home. Yeah that's what I'll do, have him pick me up some, 'cause chances are he'll come down with it soon and he'll want some around the house to take then too! :)

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Bee said...

Cold medicine makes me "kooky headed" as my MIL says. But better that than wetting your pants because you're coughing so hard, huh?