Friday, February 6, 2009

6 sided love

Well actually I probably have more sides of love for today's topic, but since today is day 6 I thought I'd use that title.

What is today's topic....well I'll tell ya.....MUSIC!!!

Seriously I LOVE music and all kinds too! I like music like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin to current stuff like Beyonce and Jason Mraz. I also like a little country and then there is my surprising choice of Metallica, which always throws people for a loop when they hear I listen to Metallica. I even have my own compilation CD that I made with all my favorite songs. Sometimes my kids complain when I put that one on, but hey it won't be long till I'm the one complaining about their music, so why not let them complain about mine now?

I am never in my vehicle without the radio or a CD on. When I'm cleaning the kitchen I have my tunes going. Plus there is my play list on my blog, which I sometimes log onto just so I can hear the music while I do other things, oh like clean the loft where the computer is.

And I don't just listen to the music, I sing to it too! Now I know I'm not ready to be a contestant on American Idol or anything but that doesn't mean I can't sing my heart out while I'm driving, cleaning or on the computer. Again this sometimes embarrasses my kids, but isn't that what parents are supposed to do?

And if I'm cleaning my kitchen or making a meal, I'll dance to my music too! Now that one will embarrass my dear sweet hubby. One night for instance he was in the backyard BBQ-ing and I was making the side dishes in the kitchen and dancing my little heart out. Finally he stuck his head in and said he just heard a neighbor yell out for me to stop. Ha-ha very funny dear! No one actually yelled that, he was just embarrassed that I was dancing in front of an open window for all to see.

But I don't care what my family thinks, I'm gonna continue to enjoy music however I want to, because I LOVE my music and I'm not ashamed to say so!!!

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dede said...

great pick!!! music can just make everything happy (my kids don't always agree - they don't love our "Saturday morning clean the house" playlist!)