Monday, February 23, 2009

7 days of LOVE in one post!!!

Well I said I'd post again on Saturday the 21st but as you can see I did not....oops sorry about that. I was more pooped on Saturday than I had anticipated and I ended up finishing a book a good friend of mine sent me. So now I will post 7 things that I LOVE in order to catch myself up to date. Here goes......

1. I LOVE snuggling with my kids. Yesterday all three kids and I snuggled in our recliner because I was chilly. Granted the over 300 lbs of humans probably didn't do the recliner any good, but I sure enjoyed it. We were all smashed together and it wasn't exactly 100% comfortable but we were there snuggled up and NO ONE was fighting!!! That was the best part of all!

2. I LOVE it when my kids genuinely thank me. Saturday morning I stayed in bed for a while after dear sweet hubby, Peaches and Little Man all headed downstairs. Tink, who was the belle of the ball at her party the night before was also still in bed. But then I heard her come in the room. She snuggled up in bed with me and in a low whisper said "Thank you for my party, mommy". Oh it was the best, I almost cried. It was so sincere and genuine, not prompted in any way. And it was a special moment between us that I will never forget.

3. I LOVE snuggling up (do you notice a theme here? ;) ) with a afghan and a bowl of ice cream or sherbet while watching TV. Even on snowy, cold nights! The only thing that would make it all better would be if I were snuggled up with my dear sweet hubby under the afghan, but he likes to sit in his recliner and "rest his eyes" while we watch TV...LOL! I didn't know "resting your eyes" involved snoring too! ;)

4. I LOVE my house being so clean!!! I cleaned it for the party last Friday night and it has somehow someway managed to stay pretty darn clean. Of course now that I've typed that sentence it will promptly get messy again......actually no it won't because I won't let it. You see I've threatened every member of this family, even the ones who have four legs even though they don't understand me, that if they mess it up bad again I will do unthinkable things to them. Okay maybe I won't do unthinkable things, but I will make a sound not heard being made by a human before!!! LOL

5. I LOVE snuggling....j/k I had to put that! I LOVE my children's pre-school teacher so much that I'm afraid I'll go through withdrawals when Little Man starts kindergarten. Seriously this woman is so kind, patient, understanding and such a wonderful teacher that I will miss her something awful. Granted Little Man won't start kindergarten until the fall of 2010, but I'm already thinking about it, so you know it will be bad when the time comes.
I remember during our first year with this lovely lady and one of the other parents said she had thought of having another child just so she could continue going to the pre-school, and while I think she may have been half joking, I can now understand how she felt. It's not easy to find good teachers these days and when you find a gem like the one we have you feel truly blessed and lucky!

6. I LOVE People magazine, okay there I said it!!! Yes I'm a People magazine addict and get all excited when I get to curl up on the couch with a new one. I used to have a subscription but it ran out and I've just been buying it at the store each week since. I know it's probably cheaper to have the subscription, but dear sweet hubby prefers to pay the $3+ each week than the like $200 they want in four monthly installments for the subscription. So each week I buy it and get my People fix until the new issue comes out. :)

7. I LOVE my birthday. I'm one of those weird women who actually like to celebrate their birthday, but I have to admit that I am a bit nervous about the big 4-0 that will happen in 4 years. Not so much because I'll be 40 but because dear sweet hubby was talking about all he could do to "help" me celebrate the milestone birthday. He's a pretty sneaky dude and I can just imagine him planning a party and getting all kinds of incriminating videos and pictures of me to display/show at the party.
Now you may be asking why I like my birthday so much, well I'll tell's because it's the one day I let myself be totally selfish. Now that I am a mom, the kids' needs and wants always seem to come first, but on my birthday I let myself come first without any guilt. Granted there are other times I may let myself come first but it is always accompanied with lots of guilt. But on my birthday I forbid myself from feeling any guilt about putting my needs and wants first. So for basically that reason alone I LOVE my birthday!

So there you have it.....7 days of LOVE....some really nice and sweet and some kind of silly but I honestly LOVE them all. And I hope that today you all experience something you LOVE too!!!


Toni said...

I LUV #2 too! Feels soooooooooo wonderful! Your sweet story with it was great!

Bee said...

I love all of those things. I especially related to the snuggling theme. I love snuggling under a warm blankie in a cool-ish room, knowing that my house is clean and organized and there's nothing I have to get up and do.