Monday, February 9, 2009 wait...9 days of love

Whoops!!! I totally spaced on posting yesterday about something I love, sorry about that. It was a busy day yesterday so I have good reason as to why I didn't post. I was spending time with the one thing I love the family!

Okay granted each member of my immediate family can irritate the snot out of me, but I wouldn't trade them for all of Bill Gates & Donald Trumps money!!!

Some of my favorite activities with my family are going to the zoo (an activity none of us seem to get sick of), watching old cartoons together (the kids love them as much as we do), having dinner together with no distractions, just our bizarre conversation, and what I like to call the family wake up call.

What's the family wake up call? Well it's those mornings where none of has to be anywhere early and the kids come into our bed and we all hang out there for a while snuggling, tickling, and laughing. It's the best and 99.99% of the time I wish we could stay there all day, but most of the time we can't.

However when all is said and done I guess it's just the fact that we are together that makes our time so special. I mean really, sometimes just going to crowded, chaotic Wal-Mart can be fun. It's just that with dear sweet hubby working two jobs and having very little down time, the time he has with the rest of us is that much more special.

So here's hoping that you get to spend time with the ones you love to spend time with the most, soon!!!

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Bee said...

It is the best, spending time with your family. To me, there's no better feeling in the world than at night, after we've all gone to bed; when my girl is in her room all comfy and cozy, the dogs are asleep in my room, and both cats are asleep in the house instead of outside in the wild, wild, world. It's just a feeling of completeness when we're all together.