Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 2 of love.....

.........and today I gotta say I LOVE my house being so clean!!!

I cleaned the snot out of it last week in preparation for Peaches' birthday party which was last Saturday. And then I threatened my family within an inch of their lives to keep it clean on Sunday so that when I had some friends over this morning it would still be clean. It was so nice to not have to finish my lunch and get up to work on cleaning some part of the house.

I actually like it so much that I am tempted to throw out all the crap I hid in not only my bedroom but the garage while I was cleaning. It can't all be that important, right???

I mean last week I cleaned up the loft, the girls' room and Little Man's room and stuck everything on the floor in those rooms in big black garbage bags which are now in my bedroom. And I have to admit that I am very tempted to just toss those bags, especially if the kids keep on not missing the items in them! Oh I'll take out the books, as I just can't get rid of books, which probably explains why I never turn down my mother-in-law when she offers to give us more of her books she had when she was teaching. I am so proud that my children love looking at and reading books so much that they usually have a ton in their bedrooms. I just wish I could remember to make them return the books they took to bed last night before they get more tonight. Sometimes I remember and sometimes they do, but not always.

It's so relaxing to walk around the house and not feel defeated with each room you enter!!! Well except for my bedroom, as like I said it's a total disaster as I did shove a bunch of stuff in there as I always keep my bedroom door locked so Little Man doesn't get in there and try to play with things he's not allowed to play with.

So in closing I have to say that I doing pretty good with a new haircut and a clean house. Just keep your fingers crossed that my family is smart enough to notice how relaxed and happy I am and actually TRY to keep it this clean!!! ;)


dede said...

I love it when my house is clean - but my room is a must!! I love going into my room and having it spotless!

Bee said...

One day I hope I will feel that way, too. Right now, I think about what all needs to be done and I just get overwhelmed and give up. I am working on it this week though. Wish me luck.