Thursday, February 12, 2009

A dozen things to LOVE...

..Well today marks the 12th day of my month of LOVE and today's is all about being surrounded by lots of kiddos.

You see today's post is about volunteering at my daughters' school. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Little Man is at pre-school which leaves me kid-free. Now most people might take that free time and run with it, not me. I've decided to volunteer in Peaches' second grade class and Tink's kindergarten class every Thursday. This way I get to help out, get to know their teachers better and be with my daughters for part of their day, but still have one morning to myself.

And while this morning was an especially trying, second graders and kindergartners the day before their Valentine's Day parties are quite loopy, I still enjoy going in and am bummed when I can't.

This all leads me to believe that becoming a paid aid at the school after Little Man is in school all day, which if we are lucky will be kindergarten. This is not only the best job for me personality match-wise but then I'd have all the same vacations as the kids so I wouldn't need day care during the summer, winter break or spring break.

So keep your fingers crossed that I am lucky enough to get this dream job in the future, but until then I'll just keep loving volunteering......

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Bee said...

Fingers crossed here. Not everybody is suited for a job like that and they should snap up somebody who obviously enjoys it like you do.