Saturday, February 14, 2009

The loveliest day of LOVE...

....Of all the days to talk about what I LOVE today would be the day, right?

But why do I feel so odd, corny even, about talking about LOVE today??? I mean everyone talks about LOVE today...hmmmm....maybe that's why I feel so odd about it, because everyone else is doing it today when in all actuality they should be doing it everyday!!!

Why is it we have to have one day to tell people that we LOVE them??? Why can't we do this every day? Maybe there would be less divorces if people actually talked about their feelings more.

I dunno, this isn't sounding very much like a post about LOVE, is it? So let's get to the real reason I'm posting today....and that's because I LOVE love!

Yep I LOVE love. I LOVE telling my kids and dear sweet hubby that I LOVE them. I LOVE telling my family that I LOVE them when we get off the phone. And most certainly I LOVE hearing people tell me that they love me.

I remember the first time I heard each of my kids say "I love you mommy" and I cried each time. And it still makes me tear up when they say it even now. I also tear up when my dear sweet hubby (who isn't very good at expressing his feelings) says "I love you" first when we get off the phone as I am usually the one to blurt it out first.

Now that brings me to a debate dear sweet hubby and I have had for years.....does saying "I love you" on a regular basis make it less meaningful or more? I say more because if you really mean it each time you say it, then it doesn't lose it's meaningfulness. But he says that the more you say it the less meaningful it becomes. What do you think?

Do you think that if you say it a lot it keeps it's meaning, if you truly mean it each time you say it, or do you think it loses it's meaning because you say it too often??? I'm interested to see what others think.....

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Bee said...

I say it never loses it's meaning. My daddy, whom I loved (and still do) with all my heart, never said it.
I don't know why, he just had a hard time. I knew he loved me, no doubt about it. But I would have loved to hear the words. It made me decide to tell my daughter I love her at least every night and at every parting.

It remains special, because I don't say it to people I don't love. I say it a lot to the people I do.