Friday, February 13, 2009

A lovely baker's dozen, or the #13 for those of you who don't know what a baker's dozen is....

Ha! I just realized that today is my 13th day of LOVE and it's Friday the 13th.....geesh some days I'm so blond it scares even me! However I guess I could claim exhaustion as my excuse as I did help out with two grade school Valentine's Day parties today, that's enough to make anyone loopy, blond or not.

So what do I love today........I LOVE seeing kids so happy. And today at both Valentine's Day parties the kids all were.

It was so much fun to watch the excitement of a class party on their faces. Something that may seem so mundane or so much work to us adults, is just pure enjoyment for them. They were all so thrilled to be able to play and have goodies and at school no less!!!

I guess maybe the whole LOVE seeing kids happy thing goes back to my LOVE for volunteering in the classroom. I LOVE to see the kids smile when they get the answer right or read the really tough long word.

I guess in a world where there so much stress about the economy and the war in Iraq, it's nice to see the innocent enjoyment that children get from the little things.

Take this morning for instance. Tink said she wanted scrambled eggs for breakfast and when Little Man asked if he could have some too and I said yes, he ran through the house yelling "scrambled eggs yahoo!". For him to get so excited over something so simple as having scrambled eggs for breakfast made me smile.

It's those daily reminders that there is more to get excited about than not owing money on your taxes, that having scrambled eggs for breakfast is worth getting excited over that make being a parent such a joy. Yeah it's tough and yeah it's frustrating, but the enjoyment I get from seeing my children get so happy over the little things, as well as the big things, makes it all worth while!!!

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Bee said...

I love seeing them excited and hearing them laugh. Oh, I love it when my girl lets go of a big ol' belly laugh at something silly.