Thursday, February 19, 2009

Real quick

...I just wanted to let you all know I'm sincerely sorry for not posting in the past two days but I've been in party planning mode for Tink's birthday party this Friday night.

I swore after Peaches' party that I wouldn't let the house get bad again, especially since I knew Tink's party was coming so soon.....famous last words!!! LOL

It got bad and now I'm on a dead run to get it clean in time. Why oh why did I think a Friday night from 5-7 was a good idea???? Some days I wonder about my ability to make decisions!

Just know that Saturday I will start up my posts of things I LOVE and I will make sure I list one for each day I've missed. Until then I hope you LOVE those around you, human or not...... :)


Bee said...

You know what? I love you whether you're posting on schedule or not. I owe you a bunch of comments on the "Love" posts and this will give me a chance to catch up. Y'all have a great birthday party!

The blog looks great!

dede said...

have a fun party and good luck with the house!