Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two 12 packs of love....

Today's post is about something that I not only LOVE but is also good for me, which when it comes to things I LOVE other than my friends and family, is rare....LOL!

I LOVE going on walks. Granted it was much easier pre-kids and definitely pre-dog, but then again it wasn't nearly as interesting.

We've had our lovely sweet spastic dog, Rocky, for almost two years now and he just adds to already chaotic household. But unlike some good dog owners we don't take him for walks daily. Yes, I know we should, but the poor dog is lucky he gets fed some days around here (a hazard of making the kids feed him), so a walk is just asking a bit too much sometimes.......*sigh*

However with all the lovely weather we have been having I have taken him on two walks already this week and both times I've slightly regretted it afterwards.

You see as much as I LOVE to go on a walk, when you have to stop every two feet to yank the dog from something he's smelling, it kind of loses it's joy. Plus then there is the having to carry plastic bags to pick up the poop, which some people don't do I might add!!! I mean I don't want to have to carry his feces around with me for the rest of the walk! So if our HOA is so gung ho about us cleaning up after our dogs, they should at least put garbage cans out by the plastic bag dispensers, which 9 times out of 10 are empty anyway.

Then there is the factor of the kids, Tink ALWAYS walks too slow and Little Man seems to think everything is a race these days and he's determined to win at all costs, so he's usually WAY up ahead. Peaches usually has to run up to stay with him, so I can hang back and nag Tink to pick up the pace a little.

Now if I could walk the dog all by myself then I think most of the joy would come back, but that will be a while until I have enough time alone to do it, and then there's still that little matter of having to carry his #2's with me, ewwwwy!!!!


dede said...

another confirmation - I DON'T WANT A DOG!!! but, I also enjoy a good walk - usually go in the morning with my friends and NO kids!!

Bee said...

I like to walk, too. You'd think that since I do, I'd walk more often. It makes me feel good and breathe better, which is good for asthmatics, huh? Maybe I'll start...someday!