Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daylight savings is kicking my butt!!!

It was another trying morning here with me constantly after the kiddos to get ready for school. But the most surprising thing was after dropping them all off (yep I'm child free at the moment) I wanted to come home and nap myself. I feel extremely guilty about this as I know they can't do that as they are at school. So instead I'm filling myself with liquid energy, aka coffee, and hoping to get our coat closet cleaned out while I have no kids to cry about all the old school work I'm tossing.

So wish me luck that I can get it done and stay awake in the process......eventually we all have to get used to the time change, right????

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dede said...

good luck! I am pretty good about going to be an hour early (I love sleep), but the waking up part is no good - Chase, of course, has NO idea that we are saving daylight right now - I am hoping a day without a nap will get him on board! The kids are off track for 3 weeks - so at least we don't have to get up too early! Hope you had a productive day!!