Sunday, March 8, 2009

I am so funkified

What's funkified you ask??? It's where you are in a funk that you see no end to.

Why am I in a funk you ask again??? Well it is a lot of things, the economy, the fact we can't travel anywhere this year because of the economy, the fact that every day is the same blasted thing but with different clothes and meal combinations, oh and the fact that we just sprung ahead an hour and I'm not tired enough to go to bed but I know when that alarm goes off tomorrow morning I SO won't want to get up.

I hadn't planned on doing another depressing post after the last one about no vacation this year.....again, but I can't help it. I dunno maybe the funk is magnified today because of the fact I forgot to take my "happy pill" this morning whoops.

But then again it could be magnified because I've been working so hard to keep the house tidy and this evening when I went to put the girls to bed I discovered their room to be a total disaster area. They tried to blame their friends who were over earlier today while their dad took their mom to urgent care for her knee she twisted, but I told the girls that they knew I'd been working on keeping the house tidy and they should have picked up after the friends left.

I just feel defeated, like no matter how hard I try it's never going to be as tidy as I want it to be because no one else seems to be on board with this idea. Oh dear sweet hubby is but he's always working so it's hard for him to help enforce it when the kids have time to correct the error of their ways.

Maybe I should just get my butt off the computer and go downstairs and eat the brownie my neighbor brought over for me last night. I think some chocolate right before bed might help me have some sweet dreams......what do you think????

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Bee said...

Go for the brownnie. I'm having a Golden Oreo, myself.

It sounds trite, I know, but this too shall pass. And if it helps any, I'm in the same funk. Nobody (meaning my dear, sweet husband) want to help me do all of the little projects I have planned for the house. Things that don't cost a lot, just need some elbow grease and a little imagination. Heck, I'm going to have 2 cookies.