Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I need a vacation

Yep I need time away from the daily grind. We haven't been on a true vacation, you know one AWAY from the house since December 2006. Granted we've had visitors come and stay with us, and while that was most enjoyable and I loved every minute of those visits, it still doesn't seem like a true vacation since I'm still in my own home.

Unfortunately because of this lovely economy and the fact we had to replace dear sweet hubby's vehicle with one that came with a car payment, we aren't going to be going anywhere again this year. This will be our third year of going nowhere and I'm a bit scared that I may lose my mind.

You know I don't think that my dear sweet hubby understands this because when he leaves work he gets to come home. Granted the man works like two dogs combined, but at least he gets to leave his places of employment at the end of the work day.

I, on the other hand, never get to leave my place of employment. I'm here everyday, all day, 24/7. In fact I've just started allowing myself the frivolous adventure of going out on Tuesday mornings when I'm kid free to wander around stores I have no intention of buying anything at. I just don't want to go home and have the mounds of laundry stare at me, or have the fact I really should clear off my dresser beckon me to get off my lazy butt and do it.

I guess in a way my home is starting to feel like a prison that I only get one moring, equaling about 2 1/2 hours, of freedom from. Oh wait I do get another two and a half hours of freedom from this house on Thursday mornings when I go in to volunteer at the girls' school. But even then I'm surrounded by kids, and while I do enjoy volunteering it's not exactly like a vacation since I'm there with my own kids.

I dunno, I think I sound kind of whiny right now, but I can't help but be to a certain degree. I mean I understand we are doing good by still having a roof over our heads and the fact that while some people are getting laid off my dear sweet hubby is still employed at his two jobs. But when I hear of other people going off to vacation spots like Disneyland or a cruise, it makes me feel a tad bit sorry for myself. And I just don't think you'd be truly human if you didn't feel some sort of self pity every once in a while.

So after my month of posts of things I LOVE, I'm sorry to burden you all who read this with my pity party post. But like I've said before, this is my one place I can come to vent and complain a little. I certainly don't need to be complaining about this to my dear sweet hubby, because I know he feels just as bad about not being able to go on a vacation as I do.

Who knows maybe 2010 will be the year we finally get to go on a vacation again! Maybe....


Bee said...

I hope so! I know how you feel. My sister leaves Friday for San Francisco. Now, I don't care to go to San Francisco, but it's just that she gets to go. All I want is a weekend in the mountains of NC.

You hop on a plan, dearie, and come stay with me a week. You can help me train the beast, I mean this wonderful dog that I have.

Toni said...

I feel your pain Friend! A park a day sounds like it could be fun. I'll keep you posted on what the spring break week looks for me once I figure it all out!