Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm LOST.....

seriously I'm so lost today, I have no clue what to try to accomplish and where to even start!

It's the first day of Spring Break and I didn't get my usual early start, which was nice but then again it's thrown me off.

Ugh, I could be doing laundry, cleaning out my bedroom, cleaning the loft, getting on the girls to clean out underneath their beds, maybe even going through junk in the garage to find more items to donate, but yet, here I sit at my computer, putzing, posting and playing around on Facebook trying to find a profile picture I actually like, which seems harder than figuring out what to do today.

Dear sweet hubby actually gave me something to do, but I'll wait until after lunch. You see he forgot his work shirt for his second job tonight, so he needs me to bring it down to him. So since the kids have all asked where we are going today, I think we will take it down to him and save him the trip of coming home to get it. Then maybe we'll venture over to the outlets, not that there's much there, but we can look around maybe, or go check out the Target down there....

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