Monday, March 30, 2009

Obsess much???

I do!

My latest obsession is the Bloody Jack series of books by L.A. Meyer.

Back in January I had my gallbladder removed and a dear friend of mine sent me the first two books of this series to read as I was recuperating. Unfortunately I didn't have much of an opportunity to read much during my recuperation, but I did start it as soon as I was back to normal. But my obsession didn't start right away...oh no it took a while.

Now I started the first book and found it to be very good, but was only really able to read it during the time I would sit in my car waiting for Peaches to get out of school. Tink and Little Man are usually watching a movie on the portable DVD player, so I take that time to read. Then when I was finally done with the first one, I started the second one.

Then it happened!!!

About half way into the second book, The Curse of the Blue Tattoo, I became obsessed!!!

It was then that I started frantically searching the stores in town to see if I could find the third book to purchase. Granted I knew I'd probably be able to check it out from the library, my usual way of getting new reading material, but I was so obsessed with the series now that I knew I wanted to OWN all of the books, not just check out copies that had been abused by other readers.

However I struck out, which I found totally ridiculous. I mean I thought for sure that Barnes & Noble would have the series for sale, but nope. It only had book one, Bloody Jack, for sale. How can you have just the first book in a series for sale??? Don't they think their patrons might want to read the whole series???

Anyway, I resigned myself to just checking out the third book, Under the Jolly Roger. But then I got a surprise, instead of owing money for taxes like we thought we were going to, we were actually getting some back. Not much mind you, but enough that I was able to get Dear Sweet Hubby to agree to let me buy the next three books in paperback off of Amazon!!!


The best part was his response......"Yes you can buy them...if it helps you to keep your sanity!" Now there's a smart man, one who knows that it's best to let the wife spend $25 and have her happy, then say not right now and have her go insane.....


dede said...

yea! I am SO glad you like them! I have read the whole series twice - and I never re-read anything! The third is one of my favorites - can't wait to hear how you like it (soon you will meet Higgins - he is my favorite, next to Jackie!)

justoneoftheboys said...

The first one is waiting for me at the library! :)