Monday, March 23, 2009

Unrealistic expectantions???

Do I have them???

That's what I have to wonder after spending all day yesterday trying to get my lovely daughters to clean up their room. I mean is it too much to ask of a 6 yr old and an 8 yr old to keep their room picked up and their toys put away??? I'm already aware that I can't expect my almost 4 yr old to be neat and tidy but when I ask him to pick up he's usually good about doing it. It's the girls who aren't. Oh Peaches will get going and do it but usually only after my head has exploded and I've taken away privileges like the computer or TV. It's Tink who even in the face of losing her beloved TV time still tries to claim she wasn't made for cleaning! Yep my sweet, determined, and willful mini-me tried to explain to me how she wasn't made for cleaning so therefore she wouldn't be able to clean her room up by herself. Of course if I had said "Okay I'll help you" you can bet your bottom dollar that she would have helped for a nanosecond and then left me to do the rest of the cleaning. Oh I'm starting to wise up, especially as she gets older and that routine becomes less excusable.

So after yesterday the girls have lost their TV and computer privleges for the rest of the month, which may end up biting me in the backside, especially if the weather turns as bad as they are predicting. I guess maybe next time I decide to make a decision like that I should check the weather report first! Ugh.....

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dede said...

Bill always grounds the kids for long periods of time - and then he gets in trouble- cause when they are grounded, I feel grounded! Good luck!