Saturday, April 11, 2009

The day was going so well too....

...but then it started to go downhill about a half an hour ago. First it started off when Little Man decided to try and eat the blue Easter egg dying tablet. Not knowing if he actually swallowed it and not being able to find any information about accidental ingestion on the box, I called poison control. Thankfully we determined by reading the ingredients that it won't be toxic, but you'd think they'd put that on the blasted box. So now he has a blue mouth.

That wasn't so bad as it was frustrating but then Peaches came inside from the backyard and I really got frustrated.....

She brought in my brand new broom and it is now broken. I guess when I wasn't looking yesterday they took it outside and left it out there. Peaches says she has no idea how it got broken maybe the dog got it. But there are no teeth marks from the dog and it looks like it was snapped because the head of the broom is broken off of the handle.

And I loved that broom too! My old one I had had for like 8 years or so, so dear sweet hubby thought I deserved a new one.

I'm hoping he can fix it with some of that gorilla glue or something.


And I had such high hopes today would be a good day free from frustration. I was able to get the girls to clean their room this morning and we were going to make sugar cookies this afternoon followed by decorating eggs.

Maybe I just need some more caffeine and some food and then I can try to salvage the rest of the day.....

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Bee said...

Awww, I'm sorry. I can just see Little Man with a blue mouth. I know it was scary when you didn't know if he'd be sick or not, but it's kind of funny now. Don't ya think? Just a little?

Sorry about the broom. I'm sure the dog got it. Really. I am.