Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm so proud of myself

It was a bad bad bad morning here. Kids playing instead of getting ready for school. So needless to say I was quite happy to ship them all off to school. After the last one was gone I headed home and decided to take a nice long walk with the dog, without anyone complaining, walking too fast or walking too slow. It was the longest walk I've taken in a while and about half way through I almost wished I hadn't gone so far. But the dog was so happy to be out and in some new territory.

Not having a pedometer, well one that is reliable and also tells you how far you've walked, I had no clue how long of a walk I had taken. So after picking up the two youngest kiddos I headed to the gas station to fill up. Usually I hit the reset button on the mileage, so I can tell how many miles I get per tank.

But I didn't, I waited.

I waited until I got to the point in my walk that I stopped and turned around. And then I drove the same exact route that I had taken on my walk. You should have seen my surprise when I saw how far I had actually walked!!!

2.2 miles round trip!!!

No wonder the dog pretty much drank the entire contents of his water bowl and then plopped down and passed out!

It felt so good to do that but unfortunately I only have one morning a week that I can do that alone. The other kid free morning I spend volunteering at the girls' school. So I'm either going to have to have Little Man ride his bicycle or drag him along in the wagon if I want to do this walk more than once a week. I'm determined to shed a few pounds and since I absolutely detest dieting, love food too much and have no will power, I am going to try taking as many long walks as I can. It not only gets the dog out but it helps me to shed a few pounds in the process.

Keep your fingers crossed that the weather stays nice so I can keep it up, because I'm afraid if we get some more snow or another cold front I'm gonna stop and that wouldn't be good....

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dede said...

good luck with the weather - my friends and I started our 3.5 mile walk again when it was nice a few weeks ago - now it is too cold again - maybe next week!