Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's just not possible.....

....that in four short weeks my Little Man will be 4 years old!!! JUST NOT POSSIBLE!!!

I mean Peaches was 4 years old when Little Man was where did the time go???

I'm sad and yet happy at the same time. He's becoming such a fun little guy, but then I'm scared that if he gets too old he won't be the momma's boy he is now. We have such a wonderful time together, snuggling and giggling. And my heart literally melts each time he says "I love you mommy"....sniff sniff.

But I'm trying really hard to not wish time away and to take each day and enjoy it to it's fullest, even when the little bugger is getting into mischief......which I think he is doing as I type...time to go....... ;)

1 comment:

Bee said...

These days do go fast, don't they. But when he stops being your little Momma's boy, you'll get a glimpse of the man he'll be one day and your heart will still keep melting!