Saturday, April 4, 2009

I've created a monster.....

My lovely oldest daughter has recently requested that she have her own blog. Nervous about her being so young and having a blog where she could give out too much information accidentally, I stalled. But she kept asking and I finally gave in, but made sure it was a private blog that only those we invited could read.

We created the blog last night and she's already got two posts and a play list on there. She even has the cute background going on.

I think I've created a monster......

Her first entry was so cute, it talked about how she got to take a book to school and got to wear a favorite dress of hers. Ah the things that are important to an 8 year old.

This mornings post talks about how it's snowing and she finished her book last night. It's so cute I can barely stand it!!!

I'm hoping that having this blog will help cultivate her love for writing. She's always been a creative child, sitting by herself and making up stories for her toys. Maybe this means she'll become a famous writer who not only gets to do what she loves but can make a living out of doing it.

So maybe while I've created a monster, maybe it will turn into a successful and happy one later on in can hope!


Bee said...

Ok, 2 things:

1. I think it's fantastic that Peaches has a blog. My sweet girl has one and I love to read it. It lets me know what's going on in her life when I don't get to talk to her.

2. Did you know Josh Turner is from here. Well, not exactly where I live, but from the Pee Dee area. He lived in a little teeny cross-roads community about 20 miles from here.

dede said...

I think it is great!! How fun for her to read back on these things years from now!