Thursday, April 23, 2009

Must...curb...addiction.... (and it's quizzes)!!!


Okay, now that that is out of my system I will continue.

I had heard about Facebook from my sister but didn't pay much attention to it, in fact I avoided it at all costs. Why did I need another thing to keep me glued to this blasted contraption called the computer???

Well......then she tells me she's reconnected with some friends of ours that we used to work with back in the day. So I go ahead and sign up.

Next thing I know I'm on there all the time I have over 100 "friends", granted some of those friends are people I went to high school with and haven't spoken to since, well, high school, but still they agreed to be my "friend" on Facebook so they must not hate me, right? happens, the dreaded Facebook quiz!!!!

Oy vey bagels, I swear it's so addicting and I can't help but do every quiz I see a "friend" has done. I think it's more out of curiosity that I do them, and if you know me well you know that I was more than likely a cat in a previous life as curiosity has come close to killing me a few times....LOL. No seriously I'm a VERY curious person, so if given the change to know what my monster name is, why wouldn't I find out??? These things are important to know!!! I mean I have to add my vast amount of useless knowledge somehow!!! ;)

Anyway, I'm doing a test and only going on Facebook either very early in the morning or late at night, but only once a day, and trying to do some cleaning during the day instead of playing around on Facebook doing quizzes. Who knows, maybe if I stick with this test for a while I might be able to get my house clean again!!! LOL


Lindsay said...

You know, I do some of theses quizes just to see how quickly you will do them next! lol
But, all kidding aside, I understand the addiction thing. But, for me, it's not the quizes, but Mafia Wars! How sad is it that I am worried enough in my sleep that someone is robbing me or putting a hit out on me that I wake up at night! I even got my old boss onto it. She can't stop playing it now! How funny is that!

dede said...

I don't do the facebook games/quizes because I already have an addictive personality and don't need another thing to keep me from the things I should be doing - although a few of them have tempted me! Good luck! (if you are looking for something fun, I hear a lot of people like the farm game on fb)

justoneoftheboys said...

I'm so glad that you're my fellow FB addicted buddy! :)