Sunday, April 5, 2009

My attempt at Artsy Fartsy photos...

I have 4 friends who are amazing photographers, 3 of them even have their own photography businesses. The one who isn't a professional is the sister of one of the ones who is, so their talent must be genetic or something. ;)

Anyway, one of the pros, Mrs. Davis, took some wonderful pictures of pink tulips and put them on her blog. I fell in love and not only wished I had her talent but a bouquet of pink tulips. Then a few days ago my dear sweet hubby came home with some pink tulips. Not wanting to assume they were for me I asked why he bought them. His reply was...."I saw them in the store thought they were pretty and bought them". So apparently he just bought them because HE liked them, but that's okay because we all got to enjoy their beauty.

Then later on that day it hits me....I have pink tulips now!!! I can try to take some nice pictures of them!!! Granted my little digital camera is probably nothing compared to Mrs. Davis', but it was worth a try.

So now without further adieu I will post MY attempt at some nice photography. Please put down all liquids you may be holding or drinking, as I wouldn't want to be responsible for you spewing it all over your monitor and keyboard....;)


dede said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them! The second to last one is my fav!!

now I want tulips too!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Pretty! Nice work!

Bee said...

I know I posted on this yesterday. Can it be that I am well and truly senile?!

Anyway, what I said was that I like your Artsy-Fartsy pictures (not Artsy-Farty, because that would mean something else altogether!) My favorite is #2.

Good job!