Monday, May 18, 2009

Just a little bit of what's kept me away....

....well first there was Little Man's birthday party on the second of May, that took some preparation and then when it was over I didn't want to do a dang thing. Then the Monday after the kids and I headed to our neighborhood park to meet some friends and Little Man slipped on the steps leading up to the slides and split his lip open real good. Thankfully my friend took the girls while I took Little Man to the urgent care for stitches. Dear Sweet Hubby was working. Anyway, after three hours of waiting he finally got three stitches in his lip. My Little Man was so brave when he got the stitches, barely crying when they gave him the shot to numb him up. Then the Friday after that we headed back to have them take the stitches out and again it took almost three hours of waiting. When the doctor came in to take out the stitches she noticed his lip was infected, so we got a prescription for antibiotics and were instructed to feed LM pro-biotic yogurt for the next ten days.

During all this we were still waiting to hear if Dear Sweet Hubby got the promotion he applied for in Nebraska. Well this past Friday, the 15th, some big wigs were to come to the terminal to do a visit. We thought maybe, just maybe, they were also coming to tell Dear Sweet Hubby that he got the position, well they didn't. They didn't say a single thing to him about it. Not even a "Well thanks for applying but we've decided to go with someone else". Nope. Nada. Needless to say DSH was in a funk that evening and so was I. While I wasn't 100% keen on moving away from the town we currently live in, I was really looking forward to DSH only having to work one job and being home at nights and on the weekends. The only one who was happy was Tink because this means she'll be here to have the teacher next year that she really wanted to get. And Little Man, well he has no clue as to what we were all anxious about, so he was probably pretty happy too. But Peaches was quite bummed as it means no room of her own for a while. With the housing market as bad as it is and with so many houses for sale in our neighborhood there is no way we'd be able to move right now. I mean we could put the house up for sale but I don't want to have to try to live in a museum of a home for 6 months to maybe even a year with three kids, two cats and a dog while we wait for someone to buy the house.

So that's what's been keeping me away. When I do get on the computer it's usually to check email real quick, look at Facebook and then get off. Plus I was waiting to post hoping I'd have some good news to report. Hopefully you've all had a nice quiet past few weeks and I promise to try and post more regularly soon....

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Bee said...

I've missed you. And I've missed reading Peaches' blog.

Sorry about the job. I'm going to keep hopin' and prayin' that something wonderful comes along for y'all - something that will put you right where you want to be and keep your honey home with you more as well.