Monday, June 29, 2009

Something's gotta change...

...and hopefully soon!

With dear sweet hubby working two jobs and me being the sole person to deal with all three kids all day long, our frustration with our situation is starting to rub off onto the kids. And that's just not right.

Something has to change, whether it's dsh finally getting the promotion he so clearly wants and deserves or a sudden financial windfall (I know the first one is more likely to happen, but...), but either or, something has to change so we can finally be the happy not-so-stressed-or-frustrated family I've always wanted us to be.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How massively scary is this???

This is my 8 1/2 year old daughter's foot inside my size 10 shoe!!!! She is growing way too fast for my liking!!! *sniff sniff*

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm in a foul mood today

Don't know why exactly, it isn't that time of the month which usually makes me feel this way...maybe it was the stinky nights sleep I had last night, or maybe it's the lack of anything real interesting to do today, or then again it could be the fact that my dear sweet hubby is getting discouraged about his prospects of getting the promotion he so desperately wants. He interviewed last Tuesday and we figured he'd had heard something by now, but no such luck.
I just really wish something good would happen for the man so he can get the boost in confidence he so clearly needs....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Laundry, the necessary evil

Oh how I dislike doing laundry, the dragging it downstairs, the shoving it into the washer, then moving it to the dryer, then taking it out of the dryer in a timely fashion after the beeper goes off letting me know the load is dry, then folding it and putting into a basket to lug it back up the stairs and then putting it away!!!

But for as much as I dislike doing laundry, I guess it could be worse if I didn't own a washer and dryer, I mean think of what those poor mothers in the early 20th century had to do with like 10 kids and just a wash bucket?!?!?!?! Holy cow, could my life be worse if I lived a hundred years ago!

And for as unexciting of a task as laundry is, I guess it has to be done, or we'd all be wearing clothes so darn stinky they'd probably be able to walk on their own. And oh how I love to crawl into a bed with fresh clean sheets! I have one set of sheets that I'd have on the bed all the time as they are so soft when you first put them on but the longer they are on the bed the softer they become. But again, if I kept them on all the time they'd probably be extremely soft, but dang would they be stinky and dirty, so off they must come and downstairs they must go.

As you probably can tell....I'm doing laundry today. I really should try and do it like every other day, but I don't.....actually come to think of it I probably do do laundry every other day, as it seems like I'm always doing laundry. Last time I bought laundry detergent I decided to try and keep track of how long it lasted. So when I opened it up to use it the first time I wrote on the top "started using 04-15-09". 96 loads later on 06-16-09 I finished up the detergent. After doing some math, which took a couple of tries to get it right, it's been a while since I've had to do this kind of math people, I figured out that the 96 loads in 61 days works out to like 1.57 loads of laundry a day!!! So really I could do at least 2 loads a day and still do the same amount as I do now, which is more like 6 loads a day every so often. Now I don't know what's worse, to always do two loads of laundry a day or do the 6 loads in one and have an occasional day off from it? But I guess when I consider how great my dislike for laundry is, I'd rather have an occasional day off from it than to do two loads a day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally a trip to the dentist

Okay, okay I'm going to admit that I am a horrible mother, one who hasn't taken her kids to the dentist until today. And I am going to try and excuse this by saying how expensive dental insurance is and that we finally decided we had to bite the bullet and have that extra money taken out of dear sweet hubby's check each month so that our kids could have beautiful healthy teeth.

So when dear sweet hubby finally decided to get his butt to the dentist a few weeks ago he made appointments for all three kiddos.........however he made them for 8:10 AM!!! "Huh?" was my reaction when he told me the time. Does this man understand how hard it is to get three kids up and going when they don't have to be at school until 9 am and he expects me to have them up and ready and out the door by 7:45 at the latest??? He kindly told me he'd be there to help me do this, but forgot to tell me, he'd be meeting me at the dentist, not at home getting the kids fed and dressed, like I thought he meant when he said he'd be there.

Well amazingly we made it and it was nice to have dear sweet hubby there, as then he was able to be with Little Man while I was with Tink when they got their teeth cleaned. Then it was Peaches' turn. They all have wonderfully beautiful teeth with NO CAVITIES!!! YAHOO!!! Peaches does have some pitting on her molars so we have to head back next week to have those sealed, but that's not a problem.

Each kid got a new toothbrush and a little timer that tells them how long they have to brush their teeth. They are all so excited about starting to use their new goodies and Peaches even asked if she could brush her teeth after lunch! I'm glad they are so enthusiastic, maybe now they won't grumble about brushing their teeth when I tell them to.

And right before I started to type this Little Man was checking my teeth out and telling me I had some black dirt in the back ones, to which I had to try and explain that they were fillings. That all seemed to go over his head but he nodded like he understood. Hmmmm maybe he's going to be a dentist when he gets older and he's doing that whole nodding the head while listening to the patient thing early???

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I have a nagging feeling....

....we are moving soon. Can't reveal too much right now as I don't know much myself but suffice it to say that an interview has been had by dear sweet hubby and it went well. As soon as we know, you'll all stay tuned for more info!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A funny I had to share....

Peaches asked me if she could go out into the front yard to get the tug-o-war rope to play with Rocky in the backyard and I said yes. Little Man heard the front door open and shut and asked were Peaches went and here's the conversation that followed:

Mommy: She left to join the circus.
Little Man: Why?
Mommy: She thought it would be fun.
Little Man: Oh.

A little while later he gets distracted from the video he's watching and gets up to look for Peaches. While looking he yells out "Peaches? Was the circus fun?"

When he finally finds her he asked her again and she replies "I didn't join the circus!"
"Mommy said you did."
"Mommy was teasing you."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


With all that's been going on around here that sigh just about sums up how I'm feeling at the moment. And not a sad sigh or an overwhelmed sigh, but a "things have finally slowed down a bit" sigh.

First there was the end of the school year, a busy week and then it was immediately into cleaning for the in-laws arrival. Dear sweet hubby had that whole week off, which was nice not only for our family but for his parents who hardly get to see him when they come out to visit.

We had a great time with the in-laws and even got to go down to the Museum of Nature and Science one day. Then our neighborhood had it's community garage sale and we actually sold a bunch of stuff that was hanging out in our garage!!! I can walk to the big door without climbing over crap!!! IT'S AMAZING!!!! Now we just have to get rid of a bunch of little crap and maybe, just maybe we can actually park a car in there!!!! A girl can dream!

So now dear sweet hubby is back at work, the in-laws have gone back home and it's time to start thinking of creative ways to entertain the masses so I can keep my sanity for the next ten weeks. Thankfully we have passes to go and see the dollar kid movies that one of the theaters in town are showing. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!! That will at least give us one activity to look forward to each week, oh and give me something to use as leverage to get the kids to do what they are told to do!!! Bwahahaha!!! The best part is that it will help count down the summer, as the last movie shows the week before school starts up again! Woo Hoo!!! (can ya tell I'm a teeny bit excited about this?)

But my mission this summer, other than keeping my sanity, is to help Peaches with her cursive, Tink with her reading and Little Man with his writing. Oh and I want to paint the girls' room, it so needs it, and mine and dsh's room too, again it needs it. And um there is the task of trying to not get buried by housework! Think I'm a bit too ambitious this summer??? I figure the more I try to accomplish the less down time I'll be trying to fill. Plus how great would it be if I got it all done??? Yeah me, if that happens!

Well I guess if I'm gonna get any of this done, I'd better get my butt off of this computer. So here's hoping I don't get too distracted and remember to post here more often! I forgot how much I enjoy just babbling on here. It really is like therapy sometimes, free and easy therapy! ;)