Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally a trip to the dentist

Okay, okay I'm going to admit that I am a horrible mother, one who hasn't taken her kids to the dentist until today. And I am going to try and excuse this by saying how expensive dental insurance is and that we finally decided we had to bite the bullet and have that extra money taken out of dear sweet hubby's check each month so that our kids could have beautiful healthy teeth.

So when dear sweet hubby finally decided to get his butt to the dentist a few weeks ago he made appointments for all three kiddos.........however he made them for 8:10 AM!!! "Huh?" was my reaction when he told me the time. Does this man understand how hard it is to get three kids up and going when they don't have to be at school until 9 am and he expects me to have them up and ready and out the door by 7:45 at the latest??? He kindly told me he'd be there to help me do this, but forgot to tell me, he'd be meeting me at the dentist, not at home getting the kids fed and dressed, like I thought he meant when he said he'd be there.

Well amazingly we made it and it was nice to have dear sweet hubby there, as then he was able to be with Little Man while I was with Tink when they got their teeth cleaned. Then it was Peaches' turn. They all have wonderfully beautiful teeth with NO CAVITIES!!! YAHOO!!! Peaches does have some pitting on her molars so we have to head back next week to have those sealed, but that's not a problem.

Each kid got a new toothbrush and a little timer that tells them how long they have to brush their teeth. They are all so excited about starting to use their new goodies and Peaches even asked if she could brush her teeth after lunch! I'm glad they are so enthusiastic, maybe now they won't grumble about brushing their teeth when I tell them to.

And right before I started to type this Little Man was checking my teeth out and telling me I had some black dirt in the back ones, to which I had to try and explain that they were fillings. That all seemed to go over his head but he nodded like he understood. Hmmmm maybe he's going to be a dentist when he gets older and he's doing that whole nodding the head while listening to the patient thing early???


Bee said...

Black dirt in the back ones! Maybe we need to wash your mouth out with soap!

That's too funny!

dede said...

that sounds a lot better than our last trip to the dentist - 2 kids with a cavity and me with a root canatl! and NO insurance (cost more than the new washer and dryer I want!)

although, our appointment wasn't until 10 (I scheduled it!)!

Tabatha Aikins said...

Great to hear that from you, Honeybee! I can't wait for my daughter's turn to see her dentist next week. My heart's just filled with excitement right now! =P