Sunday, June 14, 2009

A funny I had to share....

Peaches asked me if she could go out into the front yard to get the tug-o-war rope to play with Rocky in the backyard and I said yes. Little Man heard the front door open and shut and asked were Peaches went and here's the conversation that followed:

Mommy: She left to join the circus.
Little Man: Why?
Mommy: She thought it would be fun.
Little Man: Oh.

A little while later he gets distracted from the video he's watching and gets up to look for Peaches. While looking he yells out "Peaches? Was the circus fun?"

When he finally finds her he asked her again and she replies "I didn't join the circus!"
"Mommy said you did."
"Mommy was teasing you."

1 comment:

Bee said...

Don't you wish they accepted every explanation just that easily. "Oh."

That's great. He's a hoot!