Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm in a foul mood today

Don't know why exactly, it isn't that time of the month which usually makes me feel this way...maybe it was the stinky nights sleep I had last night, or maybe it's the lack of anything real interesting to do today, or then again it could be the fact that my dear sweet hubby is getting discouraged about his prospects of getting the promotion he so desperately wants. He interviewed last Tuesday and we figured he'd had heard something by now, but no such luck.
I just really wish something good would happen for the man so he can get the boost in confidence he so clearly needs....

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Bee said...

I think I need to have my people get in touch with those people and have a little talk with them.

Hang in there. Go hit a tree or yell at the moon, but don't give up. Good things have to be coming your way.