Monday, June 29, 2009

Something's gotta change...

...and hopefully soon!

With dear sweet hubby working two jobs and me being the sole person to deal with all three kids all day long, our frustration with our situation is starting to rub off onto the kids. And that's just not right.

Something has to change, whether it's dsh finally getting the promotion he so clearly wants and deserves or a sudden financial windfall (I know the first one is more likely to happen, but...), but either or, something has to change so we can finally be the happy not-so-stressed-or-frustrated family I've always wanted us to be.


dede said...

wishing you some change :)

but, in the mean time, have you ever looked into community events? You can usually find lots of FREE entertaining things to do with the kids. It is amazing how a fun activity can lift the spirits of everyone!

Lindsay said...

I know exactly how you feel. We are in a very similar situation. Hang in there. Your hubby is sure to get that promotion he so rightly deserves!