Monday, July 27, 2009

Do you know of any nose loving spiders?

Because apparently one has made a home in my son's nose.....well at least that's what he thought.

Not 10 minutes ago Little Man came up to me and told me he had "A web" in his nose. LOL Once I actually understood what he was saying (he doesn't pronounce his words too well sometimes) I had to giggle. I then told him that was actually snot in his nose hairs. He then gave me a puzzled look as he walked away. I was waiting for him to turn around and ask me about having hair in his nose, but he didn't.....guess having hair in your nose isn't as scary as having a web in there...LOL

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Bee said...

This is the second time I heard the story and I still think it's funny! And it's even more funny that he didn't question the fact that he had hairs in his nose.