Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm tired of saying "NO".... I'm making signs to do it for me.

Both Peaches and Tink can read, so I figure they should have no problem. Plus I'm using as many imagines as I can so that Little Man can hopefully figure it out for himself.

So far I've made a "NO food or drink in the family room" sign, a "NO toys downstairs" sign, a "NO books left on the floor" sign and a "NO TV time" sign. I'm going to use packing tape to protect the signs and then I'll hang them in the appropriate places. The "NO TV time" one will only go up when I don't want them watching TV.

Only time will tell if these signs even work. I mean we all know how those "NO littering" signs don't always work, but hopefully I'm raising better citizens than those who ignore said signs.

So keep your fingers crossed that the signs work because if there is one thing I hate it's repeating myself and especially repeating myself saying the word "NO". Which is actually quite funny when you consider I'm a stay-at-home mom of three....LOL

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DM said...

Okay, so I am little slow but I just found your blog. I want to know how this sign thing works out, so I hope you'll be bloggin' an update. - Danelle