Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Man I hate having to post this again...

...actually I'm not sure I posted it last time or not, but once again my dear sweet hubby did not get the promotion he applied for. Yet again they went with a person who already worked at the terminal in need of a manager, even though this person was not as well qualified as dsh. It's all about saving money these days, not who would be able to run the terminal the best. So sad but so very true.


So for now we have to continue with the status quo since we are all well aware of how rare it would be for us to win the lottery. I mean we have a better chance of getting hit by lightening, something which is most definitely not on my list of really fun things to do.

I just gotta keep reminding myself that at least dsh has a job, two even, and that we are able to support our family. That we have a nice house, even if it is a bit small for us, to live in. And who knows, maybe just maybe there will be an opportunity for dsh somewhere closer to our families out in California......our families would sure love that!


Toni said...

SUCH a bummer! Try to remind yourself that things always happen for a reason, so by golly I'm sure something better is coming up in the future for your family!

Bee said...

IT is most definitely a bummer. But... I'm holding on to the thought that the reason he's not getting these jobs is because the perfect one is not ready yet, but will be. And it will be closer to your mama who misses you. So, have faith. It'll happen. I won't settle for less.