Thursday, July 16, 2009

My mind and body have two totally different ideas

about what I'm going to accomplish today!

Last night I had such big plans to clean and finish up moving Peaches into her own room and Little Man into the room with Tink. HOWEVER this morning my body decided that I needed to sleep in a little instead. Then it decided to not wake up after eating and having some coffee. So I went to have another cup of coffee and when I was getting the milk to put in it a bug decided to go all kamikaze on me and dive into my coffee!!! Arrggghhhh!!!! And that was the last cup of the pot too!!! (Since it's just me that drinks coffee I don't make big pots of it)

So now I'm here to gripe a little before taking a shower and hoping to salvage my plans for a big clean up today. Wish me luck because if I'm not successful my mind will surely go insane no matter how much sleep my body tries to make me get!!! ;)

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