Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One thing I really love

I don't have the time to be on here posting, really, so I'm just going to post one thing that is on my mind and then get back to cleaning my kitchen to the melodious sounds of my playlist.

I decided earlier as I was driving home from the neighborhood pool, (yes we drove even though it was in the neighborhood I mean would you really want to walk home with three tired kiddos while there was a threat of a thunder and lightening storm? I didn't think so.), that I LOVE the feel of my skin after I've been swimming in a pool. A lake not so much, too much nature in there...lol. I just love the way my skin feels after it's been exposed to chlorine. I know some people may think that's weird as most can't wait to get home and shower after they get out, but not me. I just love the smell and the way my skin feels tight, like it shrank in the pool.

Just another reason that some day, some way I will have my very own pool in my backyard!!!


Bauerfamilyof5 said...

So funny, because I actually HATE that feeling. I have to shower and smear lotion all over me and swimming in a pool :)

dede said...

couldn't agree with you more! and good call driving - kids are always tired after a day at the pool!