Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Viewing the past with rose colored glasses

Have you ever noticed that when you look at parts of your past you tend to see them as not being as bad as they might have actually been? I'm asking this because when I mention how much my two daughters fight and wonder if I'll make it out of their childhood sane, my mother always talks about how much my sister and I used to fight and how she wondered the same thing. Now granted I am aware that my sister and I didn't become the best of friends until I hit my last year of high school, but I don't remember fighting nearly as much as my two girls do.

So this makes me think that as we grow older and get further away from events in our past we tend to make them seem better or rosier than they actually were. Kind of like when women remember childbirth. It never seems as bad 3-4 years afterwards as it did during the actual event. ;)

But I do know that there is one area of my life that I will never view with rose colored glasses and that is junior high! Bill Gates and Donald Trump could offer me all their money to relive it and I would still say no. High school was a bit better (I had some great friends who helped me wade through it), but I don't think I'd ever romanticize those years either.

Which brings me back to my two fighting daughters. Since they are only 25 months apart, I hope with all that I am and have that they become the best of friends before Tink reaches her last year of high school. Because if there is one thing they'll need to survive junior high and high school it will be a best friend to be there for them through the thick and the thin.

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Bee said...

Even when my sisters and I thought we hated each other's guts in junior high and high, we managed to be there for each other when one of us was having a tough time. Tink and Peaches will be the same way.