Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I {heart} fall!!!

Out of all the seasons we are blessed enough to have, I have to say that fall/autumn is my favorite. Think about all fall offers us and then see if you agree:

Wonderful colors, not only in foliage but in decor options
Chilly weather perfect for a light jacket or cozy sweater
The wonderful show the trees put on when they shed their leaves
Comfort food
Hot apple cider
Hot chocolate
Apple pie
Pumpkin pie

I could go on but will stop there.

A while back a friend said that she preferred spring to fall as everything dies in the fall and when I thought about it at the time I agreed with her and started saying spring was my favorite season, when everything is born again.


I thought about it some more and I've decided that fall is just simply my favorite season and that instead of thinking of plants and trees dying, I'll prefer to think of them as hibernating. Having a nice long sleep for the fabulous show they will put on in the spring when they all awaken with their beautiful colors. Isn't that a much nicer way to think of it?

So as you may have already noticed (and if you haven't...when was the last time you got your eyes checked? ;)) I have changed my blog to a fall theme already. I picked one that had the colors but didn't say "Fall" just yet. I'll wait until at least mid September to do that. ;)

This morning while I was kid free I walked through Hobby Lobby and just drooled over all the fall decorations. The "Welcome Harvest" ones, the Thanksgiving ones, the Halloween ones and even a few of the Christmas ones (yes I know that's in the winter, but fall leads up to it, right? Plus I have a mild snowman addiction....;) ) And I realized in my drooling that I have unconsciously decorated my house in fall like colors. If you look at my house you will see that I mainly have colors that would be associated with fall, burgundy, sage green, browns, golds and creams.

I guess maybe that there is just absolutely no denying that I {heart} fall!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

It doesn't matter how I arrange the bedrooms I can't see to win

Let's see, when we first moved into this house almost 6 years ago, Peaches had her own room and so did Tink. Then when we realized there was a little boy on the way they got put into the same room and Little Man got his own room.

Fast forward about three years and Little Man is starting to sleep in the girls' room. So since we were having a summer of visitors I put all three kids in one room, turning the other bedroom into a guest room. It worked for a while but then it started getting harder and harder for them to stay quiet and not fight at night.

So then I moved Peaches into the other room by herself. That worked for a while but she didn't really like being alone in a room and Tink and Little Man were just not suited to share a room at 5 and 3 yrs of age.

So..........I moved Peaches back in with Tink and again put Little Man in his own room. But again Peaches and Tink weren't getting along.....and with Peaches now 8 and very much wanting her own space to retreat to.

SO...........again I move Peaches into her own room and put Tink and Little Man into a room together. That was this past June/July and now yet again Peaches is not necessarily liking being alone in her room.

Seriously???? Are we going through this AGAIN????

Why yes, it would seem so. So now I have to ask the question that never seems to get answered......How do I arrange the bedrooms so that everyone is happy????


I have no clue what the answer will be and do I really want to go through the work of moving them all together again? Or do I want to keep stepping over toys to get to the computer while there is a room sitting empty instead of having sleeping children in it????

Actually scratch that whole not knowing the answer because I do know the answer and it is to get a larger house with enough bedrooms for every kid to have their own and a basement big enough to hold all their toys, far away from my computer. However since we don't have a money tree in the backyard, any old rich relatives we don't care about ready to kick the bucket, and we haven't won the lottery yet, I doubt that answer will come true any time soon.....*sigh* but at least now I know that there is an answer.....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ever have one of those days....

....when you feel like you suck at everything? Well I'm having one of those days!

I feel like I suck at being a parent since I am yet again helping the younger two clean their room and the loft is a disaster yet again. Wouldn't a competent mother be able to stay on top of stuff like that and have it not get so bad? I think they would, so with that line of thinking it would mean that I must not be a very competent mother.

Then I feel like a failure as a wife and partner to my dear sweet hubby. He had an anxiety attack on Wednesday and it's more than likely due to the fact that he works two jobs and works practically every day. So if I was a competent wife wouldn't I have a job as well that would pay enough for my dear sweet hubby to work only one job and have more days off??? Well I kind of think so and apparently someone else thinks so too, as today I got the feeling that I'm to blame for my dsh's anxiety attack. DSH didn't make me feel this way, he isn't 100% sure what caused the attack, but someone else did and it's been in the back of my mind the whole day.

And I still can't locate a blasted Diego DVD we checked out of the library over a week ago. Last I remember I put it in the DVD player on Wednesday afternoon for Little Man to watch and now I can't find it. I've looked everywhere and have torn the whole house apart. I even looked in the car but it isn't in there either. So now we are going to have to pay to replace it plus a $15 processing fee. Happy happy joy joy!!! NOT!

ARGH!!!!!! I just want to crawl into bed and start this week all over again.........

Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm such a blond, even if the roots don't show it.... here's the story behind the whole "I don't look good with black hair post"....
Originally I dyed my hair a dark brown, wanted a change and my hair had lightened to an unnatural blond color. Well after dying it I noticed two blond patches in the back of my head. No problem, just buy more dye and touch those up. Well I did and ended up with this...

Notice the DARK color of the hair and that lovely light spot? Yeah, it was black around the edges, dark brown on the top of the head with THAT ONE LIGHT SPOT!!!!!!!! I cried when I saw it, it was just so horrible. Called my hair stylist and she had no openings that not wanting to wait I went to Wal-Mart. I got one of those hair color remover kits and ended up with this....

Thankfully I had purchased some additional hair color at the same time to fix this result. So I dyed it yet again (was really starting to get concerned that my hair was going to fall out at this point). I got a really dark brown, but I had purchased a kit that not only had the hair color but the highlighting stuff as well. So the next morning I did the highlights, but they CAME OUT ORANGE!!! Here's a picture of the highlights and they don't look too too bad in the picture, but trust me THEY WERE ORANGE!!!!!

So I decided to try and tone down the orange highlights and got some more hair color (in total I think I spent close to $40 in hair color, ugh) and instead I got all over dark again. Frustrated I almost went Britney Spears on my hair and shaved it off. But a crying Peaches convinced me to not shave it off completely. So I attempted to cut it myself. Granted it's not the best hair cut in the world but it's not too bad until I can convince my dear sweet hubby to let me spend even more money on my hair again to get it professionally cut. So until then I look like this....

Which has prompted some to comment, "Oh I see you went back to your natural color"....actually no, brown is not my natural color, blond is, dark blond these days, I just have obscenely dark eyebrows that are the root cause to this whole hair coloring mess....if they weren't so dang dark I wouldn't have worried about my hair being so unnaturally blonde......ARGH.....maybe I should just shave the eyebrows off and not the head of hair...............

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I finally know.....

....I don't look good with black hair!
Don't ask!
If all turns out well I'll explain later....just too mortified about what happened right now to explain...*sigh*

UPDATE: Well the black hair is gone, thank goodness as it's just not me even though dear sweet hubby REALLY liked it, and now some dark brown is in it's place, what I was going for originally. Dear sweet hubby is going to help me highlight it tonight when he gets home, so maybe then I will post pictures. Not sure if I want to share with the public what my hair looked like. Personally I'd like to forget about all the hair disasters that have occurred in the last 24 hrs.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sign update...

....remember a few posts back where I stated I was posting up signs telling the kids things I hated repeating to them over and over? Well I totally forgot about it but a new reader (Hi DM!) asked that I post how it's here's how it turned out...

The sign in the family room that says "No food or drink in the family room" works FABULOUSLY!!! Much better than I could have hoped for. I can't tell you how nice it is to have the kids ask "Mom can I eat/drink this in the family room"! I just tell them "The sign says you can't so the answer is no" and THEY ACCEPT THAT ANSWER!!!!!!! *jaw dropping on desk*

The one that says "No TV time" works when it's up, but since I usually put it on the TV it's not up all the time and it did get misplaced for a while. In all actuality it works even if I don't put it up. Sure they grumble when I tell them to turn off the TV and go do something else, but at least they are listening.

The other two signs "No books left on the floor" and "No toys left downstairs" are kind of hit and miss. The book sign works better, but as I look behind me where the books are kept I do see a few on the floor, but nothing like it was before. The toy one also works on a occasion but at least the toys that are left downstairs are small and easy to put in a small pile. Usually it's the Legos that are left downstairs, which while small are VERY painful if you step on them in bare feet, so that's a mixed result there.

With this success I am tempted to make a sign stated all the things that must be accomplished before the kids can turn the TV on when school is in session. They can watch some cartoons as long as they are dressed, fed, hair and teeth brushed and shoes located. But sometimes I forget to remind them of that so I think I need a sign to help remind

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well it looks like I'll be getting a job soon...

Poor dear sweet hubby is getting so burned out working two jobs to make ends meet and even though he works 7 days a week money is still tight, so it's time for me to find a job that will pay well but can be worked around either the kids' school schedule or dear sweet hubby's schedule so that all the money I earn isn't eaten up by daycare costs. Now the million dollar question is if such a thing actually exists!!!! Somehow I highly doubt it does.

My neighbor works for a women's clinic and they are in need of a front desk person and they pay exactly what I would like to be paid, but unfortunately I would have to be there at 7 am and the kids don't start school until 9. Now I could try to put the older two in the before school care at their elementary school but I doubt I could do that with Little Man since he's still in pre-school. Even though his pre-school is only a block away from the elementary school.....who would walk him over to the pre-school? And I doubt that the women's clinic would allow me to come in after I get the kids to school. I could try to ask my neighbor though, but I doubt it.

But then if I get that job there is the problem of needing day care for all the days off and vacations....what do I do then?

Oh why oh why does going back to work have to be so dang difficult?????? *sigh*

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quickly becoming my favorite month....

August, that is. It's rapidly working it's way into the #1 position of favorite months.

Why you ask?

Well because it's a month of days of nowhere to go, i.e. summer vacation, with the end of it being the return of my lovely, wonderful, oh-so-sweet children to school.

Can you detect the dripping sarcasm in that last part of that sentence? ;)

No really, I do enjoy the start of a new school year and not just because I get to leave my children at school and get a few moments of peace and quiet. I also LOVE buying school supplies. The aisles of crayons, markers, backpacks and lunch bags just bring a smile to my face. I could walk them and just stare at it all for hours.

Hmmmm, I gotta wonder if that has anything to do with my desire to someday at some point become a teacher.......;)