Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I {heart} fall!!!

Out of all the seasons we are blessed enough to have, I have to say that fall/autumn is my favorite. Think about all fall offers us and then see if you agree:

Wonderful colors, not only in foliage but in decor options
Chilly weather perfect for a light jacket or cozy sweater
The wonderful show the trees put on when they shed their leaves
Comfort food
Hot apple cider
Hot chocolate
Apple pie
Pumpkin pie

I could go on but will stop there.

A while back a friend said that she preferred spring to fall as everything dies in the fall and when I thought about it at the time I agreed with her and started saying spring was my favorite season, when everything is born again.


I thought about it some more and I've decided that fall is just simply my favorite season and that instead of thinking of plants and trees dying, I'll prefer to think of them as hibernating. Having a nice long sleep for the fabulous show they will put on in the spring when they all awaken with their beautiful colors. Isn't that a much nicer way to think of it?

So as you may have already noticed (and if you haven't...when was the last time you got your eyes checked? ;)) I have changed my blog to a fall theme already. I picked one that had the colors but didn't say "Fall" just yet. I'll wait until at least mid September to do that. ;)

This morning while I was kid free I walked through Hobby Lobby and just drooled over all the fall decorations. The "Welcome Harvest" ones, the Thanksgiving ones, the Halloween ones and even a few of the Christmas ones (yes I know that's in the winter, but fall leads up to it, right? Plus I have a mild snowman addiction....;) ) And I realized in my drooling that I have unconsciously decorated my house in fall like colors. If you look at my house you will see that I mainly have colors that would be associated with fall, burgundy, sage green, browns, golds and creams.

I guess maybe that there is just absolutely no denying that I {heart} fall!!!!

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Bauerfamilyof5 said...

OK, OK....I tried to think of fall w/ your positive spoon, but it's not working. I hate fall. Brown, brown, brown....which I don't mind until it is EVERYWHERE (dirt, dead grass, dead flowers, dead plants) And, our winters are so nasty here that as soon as fall ends we hibernate, too. But not in the nice, long sleep way. Instead in the don't leave the house unless absolutely necessary and then must have full snow gear, sleds, and snow tires way. In the meantime, we overeat, and drive each other nuts locked inside. Fall is the prelude to those long 6 months of winter and I HATE every minute of it :(