Monday, August 24, 2009

It doesn't matter how I arrange the bedrooms I can't see to win

Let's see, when we first moved into this house almost 6 years ago, Peaches had her own room and so did Tink. Then when we realized there was a little boy on the way they got put into the same room and Little Man got his own room.

Fast forward about three years and Little Man is starting to sleep in the girls' room. So since we were having a summer of visitors I put all three kids in one room, turning the other bedroom into a guest room. It worked for a while but then it started getting harder and harder for them to stay quiet and not fight at night.

So then I moved Peaches into the other room by herself. That worked for a while but she didn't really like being alone in a room and Tink and Little Man were just not suited to share a room at 5 and 3 yrs of age.

So..........I moved Peaches back in with Tink and again put Little Man in his own room. But again Peaches and Tink weren't getting along.....and with Peaches now 8 and very much wanting her own space to retreat to.

SO...........again I move Peaches into her own room and put Tink and Little Man into a room together. That was this past June/July and now yet again Peaches is not necessarily liking being alone in her room.

Seriously???? Are we going through this AGAIN????

Why yes, it would seem so. So now I have to ask the question that never seems to get answered......How do I arrange the bedrooms so that everyone is happy????


I have no clue what the answer will be and do I really want to go through the work of moving them all together again? Or do I want to keep stepping over toys to get to the computer while there is a room sitting empty instead of having sleeping children in it????

Actually scratch that whole not knowing the answer because I do know the answer and it is to get a larger house with enough bedrooms for every kid to have their own and a basement big enough to hold all their toys, far away from my computer. However since we don't have a money tree in the backyard, any old rich relatives we don't care about ready to kick the bucket, and we haven't won the lottery yet, I doubt that answer will come true any time soon.....*sigh* but at least now I know that there is an answer.....


dede said...

good luck with that - I guess I have one advantage in having all boys! I have promised them a room switch for the last few months, but I haven't found the time or energy to do it yet!

Lorie said...

I so feel your pain! I only have three and two bedrooms to put them in. One is a boy and two are girls, so you think it would be easy. But it isn't.

I almost had it worked out but my daughter refused to move her bed from the pink room to the blue room.

But she will sleep on her brothers floor every night!!