Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quickly becoming my favorite month....

August, that is. It's rapidly working it's way into the #1 position of favorite months.

Why you ask?

Well because it's a month of days of nowhere to go, i.e. summer vacation, with the end of it being the return of my lovely, wonderful, oh-so-sweet children to school.

Can you detect the dripping sarcasm in that last part of that sentence? ;)

No really, I do enjoy the start of a new school year and not just because I get to leave my children at school and get a few moments of peace and quiet. I also LOVE buying school supplies. The aisles of crayons, markers, backpacks and lunch bags just bring a smile to my face. I could walk them and just stare at it all for hours.

Hmmmm, I gotta wonder if that has anything to do with my desire to someday at some point become a teacher.......;)

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